When I Walked Through Walls

Ada Street Gallery, Hackney, London, 18th-22nd March, 2009 11am to 6 pm

This exhibition brings together four artists exploring different states of transition through photography and video. The work examines disappearances, both real and imagined, and the imprint they leave on the world. Each artist takes a different approach to these concerns, which creates an exciting and innovative show.

Christos Koukelis photographs the empty shells of buildings, attempting to capture the physicality of what has been left behind by previous inhabitants. His precise images and detached style allows us the slow drama of the spaces to unfold in front of us, hinting at the events and people that brought the places to this moment.

Costas Goudis's abstract imagery examines the moments where the concrete world slips in the imaginary and what is lost and gained by this transaction into subconscious, a display of emotional dreams.

The series "without you" by Paola Leonardi acts as both a document of, and an emotional farewell to a dying grandmother. Through images of her room and effects, we are offered a final glimpse of a life as it slips out of view and a reminder of the space that remains.

Daniel Bissonnet's work uses layers of photography, video and animation to support narratives of loss and desire. Using material gathered from walks around the peripheral regions of London, the pieces attempt to create an atmosphere of unresolved longing in a world at one remove from events.

Ada Street Gallery
2a Ada Street
Hackney E8 4QA
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“When I Walked Through Walls”
18th-22nd March 2009 11am to 6 pm

Paola Leonardi
Mobile: 07782494258

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